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Legal statement

Our company has been producing wire for 80 years. In 1932, our company was founded in Tokyo and has long been a service to Japan. In telecom telephone company (NTT) now, agency, such as led by state organs, the company has been for household appliances, communication equipment, automobile, machine tool, and many other industries to provide high performance wires, now, the company has developed into a Japanese high quality wire and one of the big brands.

It took us a long time to produce quality wire. And the ability to prove that the wire is good is the only thing that accumulates. The machine used to use the company's wires, after more than 30 years, till now has no broken line, still in operation. Using the company's reel of telephone, after more than 40 years, still have no problem still in use. In the long years, there has been no breakage or accident in the market, such practical results are the best proof of the quality of our products.

To make a robot cable durability test, we'll spend at least three years. The result of the three years of testing is to keep 94,608,000 moves in line. But, in fact, companies that do this kind of experimentation are rare in the world. It will take more than a decade to test all the products that your company produces. The company is one of the few electric wire manufacturers that will do this. It is more important and harder to keep wire long, than to develop long life wires. Because it takes a long history to make sure.

Even using the same materials to produce wires with the same specifications, the durability of the wires is different. All materials, all production methods, all specifications and their combinations are kaleidoscopic. A single use of these combinations to try to make, take years of comparative experimentation, look for the best combination. This is the development of our gold wire.

In this way, the company's high-quality electric wire has long been well received by customers in Japan, China, South Korea, the United States and western countries. We will meet the requirements of your company with excellent quality. Please be sure to experience the quality wire of our company.

Established in Japan in 1992, the gold group has cooperated with many companies around the world after years of r&d and process improvement.

In 2010, China started its medical career, winning customers' trust through advanced technology, and contributing to the development of Chinese interventional diagnosis and treatment.