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Processing advantage

Japan headquarters in 1992. With many years of experience to provide customers with OEM catheter. Now, our catheters are being used in brain, circulatory, digestive, urinary, and other fields.
There are 3 points in the processing of gold wire medical treatment.

① Technical ability
With more than 20 years of experience in the medical industry, we can provide customers with technical proposals to meet the demand. For example, high bend catheter, high torque catheter.
② Integrated production (self processing)
From extrusion to post processing, all processes are produced by the company. In terms of delivery, performance, cost, quality can meet the requirements.
③ Technical background of Japan General Corporation
Not only are all processes completed in the Chinese factory, but also exchanged and discussed with the Japanese headquarter at the technical level, and the maximum degree of information and support can be obtained.
① Technical ability

Release technology

In 1961, a series of manufacturing systems, including product design, mold design, extrusion molding and composite processing, were developed under the background of wire technology.

Knitting technology

In order to increase the high tensile strength, high torque and high bending resistance of the pipe, the network weaving and spiral weaving technology can be widely used. Therefore, combined with customer needs, can achieve both soft, high bending resistance, torque and good products.

Weaving structure case
process technology

Maximize the use of PTFE, weaving, exclusive and other exclusive technology, to meet the customer needs, the world's most advanced research and development, with very high value-added products, to achieve customer R & D dreams.

② Internal integrated production

From the extrusion molding to weaving, processing, all processes are self processing, so you can achieve cost-effective, customers corresponding speed service. At the same time, we can also make technical proposals from different angles.

③ Technical background of Japan General Corporation

All the projects were completed in China factory. The technical level will also be discussed with the headquarters of Japan to maximize access to information and support. Not only the same equipment as Japanese companies, but also will often communicate with technical personnel, to achieve the same product, the same quality policy.